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I am the Warm Embrace Doula

My Name is Alexandria but I always go by Alex, I am a dual citizen born and raised in Canada and moved over here at 20 years old.  when I met my Husband we both lived in Milton Keynes and when I had fallen pregnant we decided to move up north to Wigan to be around my husbands family for support as this was very new territory and we wanted to build the best village possible for our baby. After a highly medicalised birth our daughter Lena was born and I had suffered birth trauma, at the same time of dealing with all those emotions we drove head first into sleepless nights and piles of nappies but also the best cuddles in the world and the overwhelming  feeling of pride over our perfect baby girl. After much time soul searching we had decided to try for another baby and this time I knew the hospital was not for me and that home was the place I wanted to be. At around 35 weeks into my second pregnancy, my Husband came home from taking Lena to the park and had told me another father he was talking to at the park had mentioned they hired a doula for one of their births and highly recommended it. I had no idea what a birth doula was and from that chance encounter our lives changed and we hired a doula to support our drug free home birth. Over the next 9 months of my Maternity leave from work I slowly looked into this line of work and knew I wanted to be that pillar that other mothers and families can rely on for continuous compassionate care.

birth and postnatal Doula with her babies
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